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Corso di Laurea Triennale in Lingue, Letterature e Studi Interculturali

Meetings with Culture






  • Book presentation: "Non mi puoi cancellare dalla tua memoria” by Benno Geiger and Stefan Zweig  Letters 1904 - 1936, edited by Diana Battisti, foreword by Marco Meli. See  Poster
    Florence, 20 December 2019
  • Chen Xi Exhibition In Prato from 8 October 2019. Go to the Poster
  • Italian-Hungarian seminar, "The memory of dissent in literary writing". See Poster and brochure
    Florence, 27-29 November 2019 .
  • Prof. Roberto Rosselli del Turco, "An introduction to digital editions. Preparation with TEI XML encoding and visualization with the EVT software"
     Florence, 4-5 December 2019
  • Prof. Alberto Jori, "Judaism, Anti-Semitism and Battle for Tolerance in 18th century Germany"
    Florence, 27 November 2019
  • Prof. Christopher Busch, "Formreservoir Unger-Fraktur. Zur Literatur- und Ideengeschichte von Typographie
    Florence, 12 November 2019
  • Prof. P. Gonneau, "The many deaths of Ivan the Terrible"
    Florence, 6 November  2019
  • International seminar, “Slavic Philology today. Reflections forty years after the death of Angiolo Danti (1979-2019)”
     Florence, 4-5 November 2019
  • National Chinese Education Competition
    Florence, 17-18 October  2019
  • 5th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute
    Florence, 17 October 2019
  • Chen Xi  Exhibition
     Prato, from 8 October  2019
  • V Confucius Institute Day
    Florence, 4 October 2019 
  • Florence for Silvio Ramat
    Florence, 2 October 2019
  • Silvia d'Intino (CNRS, Paris), “Vedic ideas on earth”
    Florence, 18 June  2019
  • Sobre preposiciones y otras particulas
    Florence, 3 May  2019
  • Florence for Claudio Magris(see the  Program)
     Florence, 3 May 2019
  • The IASEMS Graduate Conference
    Florence, 12 April 2019
  • Ecocriticism Occasions for debate
    Florence, 11 April 2019
  • Österreich-Tage in Florenz

Florence, 4-5 April 2019



  • Presentation of the volume by Dr. Olga Kusenko,Istoriko-filosofskie issledovanija russkoj mysli v Italii (XX-XXI vv.) (Le ricerche storico-filosofiche sul pensiero russo in Italia, XX-XXI secc.)
    Florence, Wednesday, 12 December  2018
  • The Second Southern-Slavic Influence. A re-reading of cultural relations between Russia, Moscow and the Balkans on the basis of manuscripts and texts
    Florence, 4 December 2018
  • Prof. Roberto Rosselli del Turco (University of Turin), Three lessons for an introduction to digital editions: Preparation with TEI XML coding and visualization with EVT software
     Florence, 26-28 November 2018
  • Environment, literature and politics. Rereading Petra Kelly
    Florence, 22 November 2018  
  • The Material Text in the Early Print Culture of England: From the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth century
    Florence, 10 October 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (via S. Reparata, 93)  
  • International CongressEl Teatro español en Europa (siglos XVI-XVIII)
     Florence, 12-14 September 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via Laura, 48)
  • Dia Internacional da Língua Portuguesa e das Culturas Lusófonas
    Florence, 8 May 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via San Gallo, 10)
  • Global identities
     Florence, 3 May 3 June 2018
  • IASEMS Shakespeare Graduate Conference 2018
    Florence, 20 April 2018
     the British Institute of Florence (Sala Ferragamo)
  • “Le regard de Michel Butor, photographe et compagnon des peintres”
     Lecture by Prof. Mireille Calle-Gruber (Université de Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle) on the occasion of the publication of the volume: Michel Butor. L’univers géopoétique edited by Isabella Bordoni, an art edition with texts by Mireille Calle-Gruber, Paolo Fabbri and contributions by Michel Butor extracted from conversations with students during two Italian meetings. The book editor and the publisher are present. The meeting was introduced by Isabelle Mallez, Director of the Institut Français Firenze and Honorary Consul of France in Florence, and moderated by Prof. Michela Landi, professor at the University of Florence.  
    Florence, 16 April 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via Santa Reparata 93)     
  • Forgotten Antigone: What remains of Sophocles in the reception of the myth
     Lecture by Prof. Sotera Fornaro (University of Sassari) part of the course on German Literature for the DAMS degree program: “Antigone in 20th-century German literature” (Prof. Rita Svandrlik).
    Florence, 21 March 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via Santa Reparata 93)
  • "Tradurre: Pratiche teorie strumenti”. An anthology from the journal, 2011-2014 
     Presentation of the volume by Gianfranco Petrillo, with Susanne Kolb, Massimo Fanfani, Michela Landi and the curator.
    Florence, 13 March 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via Santa Reparata 93).
  • LADES - The language of discovery, exploration and settlement
    Florence, 15-16 February 2018
     Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies


  • Permanent Seminar Language and Literary Relations between Italy and the Iberian Peninsula in Modern Age

 Florence, 27 October 2017
 Department of Languages, Literature and Intercultural Studies (Via S. Gallo, 10)

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